Bed "Harmony Lux"
Кровать "Гармония Люкс"
~1400 — € 95.60 excl.VAT.
~1600 — € 105.00
~1800 — € 115.50 excl.VAT.

Product size
  • Length: 216 cm
  • Width: 174 cm
  • Backrest height: 100 cm
  • Sleeping place: 140/160/180x200 cm

      Product features
      Unique gas lift
      A unique lifting mechanism developed by our company.
      Reinforced slats
      Lamellas of increased thickness.
      Reliability tested.
      Storage niche with Flexbase bottom.
      Large niches for storing linen.
      Lightweight and durable bottom suitable for wet cleaning.
      High and soft headboard
      For convenience and comfort.
      Popular color options
      Crystal 2
      Crystal 5
      Crystal 22
      Crystal 27
      We've improved the bottom of the storage niche
      Due Flexbase niche for storing wet cleaning possible.
      Lightweight and durable
      Facilitates packaging and takes up little space.
      Strong and durable in use.
      Assembly time has been reduced
      for 20 minutes
      With convenient Velcro bed assembly has become even easier.
      Packing size
      Our company

      For 29 years we have been producing and successfully selling furniture in the largest in Belarus chain of retail stores under the trademark "AMI".

      For a long time we have been cooperating with distributors from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Kazakhstan, Romania and Moldova.

      The composition of our holding
      Most of the components and materials are
      manufactured in our factories, thus we save
      your money.
      Three cabinet furniture factories
      Upholstered furniture factory
      Solid wood furniture factory
      Mattresses factory
      Sewing production
      Weaving factory
      Timber and lumber factory
      Metalworking factory
      160+ heavy trucks
      250+ stores in Belarus
      Foam Rubber Factory
      Coconut coir production
      Why is it profitable to work with us
      • We are located in the center of Europe. By ordering popular products, you can receive them within a few weeks after payment.
      • You will increase your profit by working with our product.
      • We specialize in mass and batch production, so our furniture manufacturing costs are lower.
      • We are constantly working to optimize processes and automate production to reduce the cost of final products.
      • Most of the components and materials are manufactured in our factories, thus we save your money.
      Working with us you will also receive
      Personal manager
      Advertising support
      After-sales service
      High quality control of products
      Products and materials samples
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